Coco peat made from coconut powder good for planting media, cultivation and hydroponic plants as the soil substitute to keep the soil loose and fertile.

Coco peat is water absorptive and collecting, it comprises pores which allow water exchange, and entry of sunlight. Coco peat has various advantages, soil-like texture, eco-friendly, good water absorption and more durable use


Coconut fiber from coconut skin can be processed into various products such as fiber called coco fiber.

Coco fiber is strong, durable and flexible. Various items produced from coconut fiber include broom, doormat, ropes and other household appliances


Charcoal Briquette from coconut shell can be used for cooking, stove burning, sisha and roasting at industrial scale.

Charcoal Briquette also has some advantages compared with conventional fuel, high heat generation and eco-friendly.


Coconut water is a nutritional liquid to be consumed as useful drinks for body health. Coconut water can be used as natural drink which replenishes the lost body fluids, mainly after sports and post-illness recovery.

Other benefits from coconut water from one piece of coconut contain important nutrition for the body, e.g. carbohydrate, protein, fiber, cilium, vitamin C including calcium.


Coconut milk is a one of the culinary ingredients with a number of nutrients. The coconut milk liquid from mature coconut meat mixed with water can be an alternative substitute to milk with savory taste.

Coconut milk contains high-saturated fat for enriched calorie. Coconut milk also is a source of vitamins and mineral good for the body.



Coconut oil has delicate and long-lasting aroma at room temperature, also widely used for baking cake or other kinds of food.

The use of coconut oil will be much better for health. Since coconut oil is saturated fatty acid, stable, containing more than 50 percent lauric acid, not susceptible to oxidation, not easily rancid and can be used as drug ingredients among others, as anti virus, fungi, bacteria and to increase body immune system.


VCO is oil generated from fresh and natural mature coconut meat. It is produced in a natural method, not heated with high temperature and not mixed with chemical substances.

VCO can also be made as skincare and cosmetic products. Moreover, VCO is also a very good oil for body health and as covid-19 medicine.

Some call it the Plant of Life because of its many uses, we prefer to call it Mother Natures Gift to Mankind

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