PT. Nucla Mitra Indoindah offers itself as one of the largest coconut concession holders in Indonesia. We have a processing plant on an area of 53.000 m2 or about 5,3 hectares full of coconut trees. Our goal is to supply the purest and natural coconut products to meet the current market demand.

Latest-Technology Machine in Use

The production process is performed using high-tech machine which ensures the best products per customers’ expectation.

Guaranteed Quality

We supply the best coconut products for consumption and non-consumption from precise cycle of production to ensure safe use.

Quality Control

Regular production check to ensure and maintain the conformity of product quality offered with the applicable standard.

Selected Raw Materials

Pure raw materials directly sourced from plantation which ensures the best taste in class.


Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a one of the culinary ingredients with a number of nutrients. The coconut milk liquid from mature coconut……..

Charcoal Briquette

Charcoal briquette from coconut shell can be used for cooking, stove burning sisha anda roasting at industrial scale…………..

Coconut Cooking Oil

Coconut oil has delicate and long-lasting aroma at room temperature, also widely used for baking cake or other kinds of food…….

Coconut Fiber

Coconut fiber from coconut skin can be processed into various products such as fiber called coco fiber……………

Some call it the Plant of Life because of its many uses, we prefer to call it Mother Natures Gift to Mankind

+62 21 2751 3438 / 2751 3439

JL. Sultan Iskandar Muda No. 5 Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia - 12240


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