News 6 April 2023

The advantages and benefits of cocopeat for plants

Easy to absorb air
Cocopeat has several advantages, one of which is textured like soil. Second, cocopeat can absorb large amounts of water, it can even be said that it is 10 times better at absorbing water than ordinary soil-growing media. This of course will keep plants, especially air-loving ones, well hydrated. Thus, plant growth becomes better.

Its nature that easily absorbs water also makes plants not easily dry. Another advantage of cocopeat is its environmentally friendly material.

Pest resistant
Of course, people want their plants to be free from pests. Related to this, Indra said that cocopeat is more resistant to pests. If you make cocopeat as a mixture of planting media, then the planting medium will be healthier because several types of fungi and pathogenic bacteria are reluctant to grow on cocopeat.

Retains moisture
Cocopeat is also able to retain moisture. So that the plants do not easily fall over because the water is stored for a long time in the cocopeat.

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